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The Magic Hour

In photography, there is something called “the magic hour.” It’s right before sunset or just as the sun rises. Photographers call it that because of the natural lighting this time brings. It is soft, diffused across the landscape. It gives everything this ethereal glow and makes photographs come alive. Don’t you wish there was something like that for writers? Here’s a little surprise. The perfect time to write exists. It’s just not the same for everybody.

Every writer has their own natural rhythm. The trick is finding the time that works best for you. Here are a few quick tips to help you find your magic writing hour.

  1. Vary the time

Try writing at different times throughout the day. If you normally write after work, try getting up a bit earlier to write before you leave in the morning. Maybe your lunch break proves to be the optimal time. Try shifting your writing time every other week and see how you feel. If you notice a time that feels more productive and natural, consider making that your designated writing time.

2. Vary the length

The amount of time you spend writing is just as important as the time of day. Try a combination of writing sprints and marathon sessions. You may find that your brain works better in short intervals as apposed to longer sit downs Whatever you are doing right now, try the opposite for a week or two. See if that doesn’t leave your brain feeling less fatigued and your work more shining. Maybe you need to alternate from day to day. Play with the amount of time you spend writing and keep track of how you feel and the work you are doing. This will show you the perfect amount of time you need to spend wordsmithing.

3. Trial and Error

I wish I could say you will find that magic moment right away. Unfortunately, it may take some time. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t nail it the first time. Just keep going. Listen to your body, keep trying different combinations, and soon you’ll find your own personal magic writing hour.

I’ve done my own experimentation to find my magic writing hour. My time is 30-45 minutes first thing in the morning before work and on my lunch break. I find I can get more done in these shorter periods than I can on a Saturday afternoon when I settle in to write for hours. (I usually end up just piddling around on the internet.) What time did you find works best for you?


Writing is hard work, but it's work that I love.

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